The premises of Fény-Modul Ltd. are located in the South-East Hungary, near Hódmezővásárhely in the town of Mártély. The limited company was set up in 1997 as the legal successor of a former private enterprise.

Our main activity is the distribution of lamp assembling auxiliary materials and the manufacture of table lamps and ceiling lights. Lampshades has recently been added to our product range: currently 60% of our products is exported. We also manufacture special lamps by our customers' request.

The lamp assembling supplies distributed by Feny-Modul Kft. include all the essential materials and accessories which may be needed by a lamp manufacturer.

Both standard and special orders are delivered within the shortest possible time. Our customers´ satisfaction proves that our products meet all quality requirements.

By maintaining regular contacts with our customers we can continuously extend our product range and supply our customers with any special auxiliary material.

Should you be interested in any of our products, please contact our sales team!

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