Making cylindrical lampshades

Making cylindrical lampshades

The base of cylindrical lampshades is a circle bounded by a vertical cylindrical mantle.

Cylindrical lampshades are an ornament of modern homes, which we recommend for pendant or table and floor lamps. A popular form of lighting technology in apartments furnished in a minimal style. Interior designers prefer it as the main lighting or as an additional, decorative lighting.

Larger lampshades are available with more socket designs. By assembling several cylindrical lampshades, unique DUO or TRIO lamp compositions can also be made.

Available sizes: D80mm-D1200mm, height: 1000mm

Material: materials in stock (factory laminated) materials or materials purchased by the customer (wallpaper, textile)

Inner foil: White / transparent

Lampshade mounting: E14, E27, with individual mounting ring

Bottom / over opal white cover plate available as an accessory.