Organza / silk layered lampshades

Making organza / silk layered lampshades

The surface of the lampshades can not only be imagined with a flat surface, the old classic lampshades are also made in a layered design.

Silk or organza materials can be folded into each other to form lampshades with a unique surface.

In the case of layered umbrellas, we can also produce side surfaces that are not feasible in the case of laminated shades. The mantles do not need to be designed to be laid out, as the lamp frame determines the geometry of the shape. With layered or striped lampshades, we can achieve a unique color effect, which is unimaginable with traditional lampshades.

Available sizes: D80mm-D1200mm, height: 1000mm

Materials:  silk ribbons in stock, or customer-purchased materials, textiles

Lampshade mounting: E14, E27, with individual mounting ring