Lampshade production, design Based on 3D visual design, directly from the manufacturer.

Our lampshade offer

Cylindrical Lamp Shades

The base of cylindrical lampshades is a circle bounded by a vertical cylindrical mantle.

Square Lampshades

Square lampshades are based on a rectangle, in special cases a square. The sides can be selected in oblique or straight form.

Conical Lampshades

The conical lampshade is a classic in lighting technology. Conical shades are typically recommended for table or floor lamps.

Spacial shape lampshades

We also undertake the creation of unique ideas, in such cases we design the shape of the lampshade together with the customer.

Organza / silk layered lampshades

The surface of the lampshades can not only be imagined with a flat surface, the old classic lampshades were also made in a layered design.

About Us

Fény-Modul Kft. Is located in Mártély, in the southeastern part of Hungary, near Hódmezővásárhely. The company was transformed in 1997 into its current corporate form from a former private enterprise. The company sells lamp mounting aids and makes table and ceiling lamps.

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